The Abbey Bookshop

IMG_3247The Abbey Bookshop in Quartier Latin. I simply love this shop. I remember strolling around after class in the 5th arrondissement with my friend, when we stumbled upon this gem. The inviting smell of books and the cute facade made us walk in. There we met the Canadian owner with whom we had one of the post pleasant and memorable talks. There were a few moments I loved the most. 1. When he offered me and my friend coffee and opened up a brand new bottle of maple syrup from Canada ( “I was waiting for the right moment to open it. This is the right moment.”). Best maple syrup I’ve ever tasted. 2. The moment his eyes began to sparkle nostalgically after we told him that we’re studying in Paris. It was the start of an amazing story about his younger years. About his inspiring life. About how he decided to leave everything and move to Paris. About the spell Paris puts on you and never lets go. He ended the story with: “consider yourself very, very lucky to be able to live in Paris during your student-years.” We walked out, happy and inspired, while he shoved an invitation in our hands for an upcoming book party in the shop ( “there will be wine and books and music.”). And if that wasn’t enough: this all was accompanied by his neighbor’s live mellow guitar melodies. “That’s Javier. I have a free guitar concert every evening thanks to him.” You see, these moments.. I simply adore them.


3 thoughts on “The Abbey Bookshop

  1. Omg this book shop looks incredible! The picture alone makes me want to go there, I love messy shelfs and strewn books. You have written an incredible post by the way and I have to tell you that I love your blog!

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