La Maison Rose on a rainy and cloudy day

IMG_1543Ah this place..💕. Especially ( very early ) in the morning ( the moment of the day that I prefer to stroll around in Montmartre) , with less tourists, or late in the evening. This place is so charming. I think no picture will do it justice. I’ve learned that Utrillo, Picasso, Van Gogh and Aznavour are among the artist who frequented the place. Maestro Aznavour even wrote a song about it, called “La Maison Rose”. “Quand on descendait de la butte, où je vivais à mes débuts, nous y avions un coin de chute. Accroché à un coin de rue. On l’appelait la maison rose. Rose bonbon décolorée, qui dans mes souvenirs s’impose. (..) Tout y était rose. L’amour, le vin, la vie surtout.”

If you happen to be in Paris or if you’re about to visit: don’t skip this cute and nostalgic looking place. You’ll love it.

You can visit for more pictures from Paris.


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