Clean canvas


  •  Morning: cold water and some Bioderma, my absolute favorite Micellar water for some years now. Can be found in almost every make-up artist’s kit. Very gentle and removes make-up like a charm. Absolutely worth the hype.

  • Evening: I start with the Decubal face wash ( with my yellow cleansing sponge) and some cold water. Decubal is a very gentle alcohol, perfume and SLS free face wash, that removes my make-up for a good 80%. Most importantly: It doesn’t strip my skin’s natural oils, due to the wonderful gentle ingredients. So my skin never feels tight after washing it with this face wash . I always recommend going for a gentle, soap free face wash. Even when you have oily – and/or no sensitive skin.After my Decubal moment, the Bioderma comes in and saves the day by removing the excess make-up, dirt etc.
    Voila. 3 minute job. No need to rub your face/eyes off for hours with make-up wipes (especially your mascara.Poor lashes man!), or use 8 steps to clean the skin. Keep it gentle and simple.

    The white cleansing brush is being used once a week for a deep cleansing and slightly exfoliating job.






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