Moa Åberg by Stian Foss

I’ve stumbled upon this amazingly inspiring advertorial and well..this kind of rocked my socks off.  Photography inspiration?Check. Hair and make-up inspiration? Check. Fashion inspiration? Check. New girl-crush? Check. Check, check, check ladies and gentlemen. Perfection. Right here.

f40e710c56d5071b8592f7ecbfd84ada3ba329144fc8205d4e7dba461d47e521 515e91ff4aa4924483ff500ac4cade7e moa-aberg-by-stian-foss-for-jalouse-magazine-september-2013-5 moa-aberg-by-stian-foss-for-jalouse-magazine-september-2013-6 moa-aberg-by-stian-foss-for-jalouse-magazine-september-2013-7 moa-aberg-by-stian-foss-for-jalouse-magazine-september-2013-11 moa-aberg-by-stian-foss-for-jalouse-magazine-september-2013-13 moa-aberg-by-stian-foss-for-jalouse-magazine-september-2013-9fa216089953310f1d0400af522a4e5bc 5de71ee8090df63c06c5d66f9785642f




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