Healthy recipe: Hot Choco

Is there anything better than sipping some hot chocolate milk during these cold winter days? Just like the smell of the ocean and fresh cut grass in the summer, the smell of hot chocolate milk in the winter is one of those little things that make life so fabulous. 

But as we may all know, most hot choco ‘served’ by (commercial) brands, does not makes us happy health-wise. Sugar, dairy, sugar, preservatives, sugar and….sugar. I have a healthier option. Go grab your favorite winter mug, and let’s get started.

You will need:

-| 1 glass of (oat)milk
Obviously, dairy is so 2008 so we’re gonna use a substitute (of course that’s not the reason for not using dairy. Planning on writing a post about milk very soon. Stay tuned).
Most of the time I use oat milk. Oat does contain gluten, so if you want a gluten-free option you can use almond milk or rice milk.

-| 6 tablespoons of raw cocoa-powder 
Cocoa-powder contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron etc, vitamins and is packed with
‘flavonoids’ (group of antioxidants). The right hot chocolate milk contains more antioxidants than for example wine or tea. The reason that I’ve underlined the word ‘raw’, is because a lot (commercial) brands who sell hot-chocolate-powder, have removed the ‘flavonoids’, since they give the cocoa-powder a bitter taste. You can eliminate that bitter taste by simply adding a sweetener like honey.

According to scientific research cocoa has antidepressant effects, since it contains phenethylamine (also found in our brains which acts like an antidepressant), and cocoa powder has also a positive influence on the production of endorphins (you know, the ‘happy hormone’). In combination with the caffein that can also be found in this ‘super food’, it is a great energy booster.

You can add cocoa-powder to your smoothies or you can sprinkle it on top of your fruit salad OR, of course, you can make this delicious hot chocolate milk.

-| 2 tablespoons cinnamon powder (or my guest.)
Besides the fact that cinnamon is a de-li-cious food flavoring, it also has anti-inflammotory effects and is super rich in antioxidants. Some studies have even shown that cinnamon has very high anti-cancer/tumor properties.

-| Sweetener: Honey
If you’re a sweet tooth (I’ve always wondered: who’s not?!), you can add as much honey as you want.
Honey also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflamotory properties. But use it in moderation. Honey has a high glycemic index (measure of how much impact a certain food has on the blood sugar).

It’s beter to use palm sugar which has an extremely low glycemic index. I always use palm sugar. Whether it’s for my brownies, tea (sometimes), smoothies or chocolate milk.

-| Vanilla beans/ – extract
Another antioxidant-booster!

How to:
Poor the (oat)milk in a pan. Add the cocoa, cinnamon powder, honey and vanilla beans. Warm it all up , while using a balloon whisk.

Enjoy your super healthy, antioxidant winter-drink!

Quick beauty tip:
You can use a little bit of your choco-milk as a mask (let is cool off a bit. No need to burn your face!).  All ingredients are natural and we often seem to forget that the skin is an organ too. So your skin will also benefit form all the anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and inflammatory properties this delicious winter drink has to offer.

Use a cotton pad and apply a thin coat of your chocolate milk on your face. Leave for about 20 min. and then rinse off with cold water. Use your favorite moisturizer after wards. Hello glowing skin!


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