Beauty: Curling eyelashes

As we may all know, curling your eyelashes before applying mascara can make a huge difference. It ‘opens’ up the eyes, making them look bigger, and it also makes you look awake and fresh. And that’s exactly what we like, right?

But, here comes the tough part: how to keep your lashes curled the whole day?

This is how:

§-Comb your ‘bare’ eyelashes through with a clean spoolie
I’ve noticed that a lot of women skip this step.  When you’re not combing/separating your eyelashes first, it will get difficult to make sure each eyelash will get curled properly. Plus, when you’re doing you’re hair, you’re also first combing through/styling it before fixing it with hairspray right? Same idea.

§- Curl your lashes
To get that glamorous curl, curl your lashes in three steps: at the roots (be careful!), at the middle and finally at the tip. With every step you need to hold the curler for about 6 seconds. Don’t open, close, open, close (x100).
I personally like to use the Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

§- (!) Apply one thin coat of waterproof mascara
Crucial step! Let me explain.When you’re going to use ‘normal’ mascara, the curl will ‘drop’. This is because ‘normal mascara’ is water based (imagine straightening your hair/curling your hair and then splashing water on it..yeah, same effect). Waterproof mascara won’t harm the curl, because it is oil based.

§- Apply (a few coats of) your favorite (normal) mascara.

Et voila! Curled eyelashes like a pro (/boss), that will last the whole day!

O and please don’t curl your beautiful lashes after you’ve applied mascara. They may stick to your eyelash curler and fall out or you can break them.


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