Beauty: Blotting sheets


Wondering why the girl in the picture looks so happy? Let me tell you why: she has shine-free skin. Oily-skin-people, this one’s for you . Today I’m going to give you a great tip about having shine-free skin the whole day.

As some of you may know, our skin produces oil. More particular: our oil glands produce oil to keep the skin moisturized. But sometimes our oil glands lose their track and produce way too much oil. This is why some of us get shiny throughout the day, which is not the look we are going for right?

Heredity or hormonal disbalance are one of the causes of oily skin. When you notice that your oily skin ‘comes and goes’, it probably does not (only) has to do something with genes. In that case hormones are the ones to blame. Especially during puberty your androgens levels can increase and, most of the time, cause oily skin. Your lifestyle can also be the result of the oil glands producing too much oil. For example when you live quite a hectic and stressful life, the hormone named ‘cortisol’ will be produced by your body, and may also cause your oil glands to go crazy. But as we all know, everything also always has a bright side: oily skin tends to get less quicker wrinkles than dry skin. Há!

Good thing to bear in mind is that this all does not mean that you should walk around with a shiny face. That’s why I would like to tell a bit about: Blotting sheets.


Blotting paper is a very absorbing type of (thin) paper that you can use to absorb excess oil throughout the day. It’s very often made from rice or flax seed. Also one of the best things about them is that they are very,very cheap.
So how do you use them? /How to keep your face matte all day?

  •  Put on your moisturizer/primer/foundation etc.
  • Let all the products sink into your skin
  • Take 1 or 2 blotting papers and blot your skin to get rid of the excess oil/moisturizer.
    (Don’t worry about your foundation coming off. Blotting paper will only absorb the excess oil and leave the foundation pigment in place. That way it will help your makeup last longer.)
  • Use a thin layer of translucent powder to finish off.

During the day you can use the blotting sheets as much as you need. I know that some only use (translucent) powder during the day to keep the skin matte, but that way you’re just adding product to your skin, without first taking the excess oil away. So you’re basically building up. Since, most of the time, oily skin is very prone to acne/blackheads, it may not be the best thing to do. It’s better to remove the excess oil with a blotting paper, and then use a thin layer of translucent powder (very often not necessary anymore, because these miracle sheets do their work very well).

Where to buy?
You can buy them at your local drugstore (many brands have them), Sephora or online where you can get 60 sheets for only $0.99 (click).


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