Fashion: Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert


Even though I love being a woman, sometimes I wish I were a man.Weird? Maybe. Let me explain. Sometimes I wish I were a man because of the clothes I would have been able to wear. Of course being a woman doesn’t stop me from wearing men’s clothes (in fact women wearing the right (!) men clothes is one of the most sophisticated and sexy things I can think of. Nothing beats a woman in a good, well-tailored suit.), but you get the point.

So that being said, I would like to share my affection for the sense of style, monsieur Sam Lambert and his partner in crime Shaka Maidoh have. They are both fashion designers and artists who basically, over the past few years, have become street style celebrities. They are owners of a classy, edgy, smart and sophisticated style. Every time I see new outfits of these street style eye candies, my wish for being a man, oke less dramatic: my wish for wearing men’s clothes everyday, grows. That’s why I wanted to make this blog post. Their style is a perfect source of inspiration, for both men and women. So let the inspiration begin! And please, don’t forget to pay attention to the details. Enjoy!







All images via,, tumblr, pinterest and the

For more inspiration, you can visit their blog: 
So tell me, what do you think about Sam’s and Shaka’s style?


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