Beauty: EOS lipbalm

Cute and slightly ‘weird’ colored ‘things’. That may be the first impression these EOS Lip balms give. But..they’re more than that. Not only do these egg-shaped lip balms have an ‘extraordinary’ design, they are also one of the best lip balms I’ve used. They provide a (clear) long lasting hydration and they are great to use as a lip primer. Prime the lips, blot them and then use your favorite lipgloss/-stick et voilá: gorgeous and moisturized lips.


The great thing about these EOS lipbalms is that they are 95% organic, 100% natural, they smell good, and they come in different flavors/colors. They also have one with an spf 15 protection (‘Lemon drop’. The yellow one) 

Image            Lemon Drop, summer fruit, sweet mint, strawberry sorbet 


‘So how do I use them?’ Very simple. Twist off the top, smooth on and be happy. Really..don’t these eye candies just want to make you smile?!

‘Where to buy?’ You can buy them online at


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