Pozzetto ice cream in Paris

IMG_9691Skip the (touristic) lines at Maison Berthillon and head over to my favorite ‘Pozzetto’ in Le Marais. And do not leave before having tasted their pistachio icecream. You will be confused for the first couple of minutes, not knowing what’s going on, wondering if you’re still on earth..or just chilling in heaven. Highly addictive guys. Warning, warning!

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Coffee with a view

One of the things that pop into my head when people ask me: ‘ Mar, where to go when in Paris?’: the terrace between Musée d’Art Moderne and Palais de Tokyo.  One of my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee. I’ve noticed that it’s kind of a hidden spot. You’ll find quite some locals coming together for their caffeine fix or to master their art of Apéro. I mean, of course they will. Look at the view.

Night out

One of my favorite things to wear for a night out. Black heels, of course. Black Opium by YSL. Chanel blush in Rose Pétale. And my Guerlain lipstick in no. 123 (sometimes layered with MAC Ruby Woo).

A sweet combination

Voilà, a  sweet combination of a view from my beloved Montmartre and the wisdom of mr. Hemingway:

“There is never any ending to Paris and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other. We always returned to it no matter who we were or how it was changed or with what difficulties, or ease, it could be reached. Paris was always worth it and you received return for whatever you brought to it.” – E. Hemingway

Amen mr. Hemingway. Amen.