Pitti Uomo, Florence





Well well well, if this doesn’t make you want to dress up 24/7…
Very often I get the question: ‘Come on Mar! Do you really think it’s pretty when a man wears THIS?!’ I personally have always given it as my decided opinion  that it has absolutely nothing to do with  ‘pretty’ or ‘ugly’. To me it’s all about whether or not someone has an individual and interesting style. It’s about how this person is not afraid. Not afraid to mix different materials, colors, patterns and shapes. And not afraid to really enjoy his or her fashion-choices, no matter what.  And if that’s what I’ll see (in an outfit), I.will.LOVE.it.
Enjoy and please don’t forget to take a closer look at the gorgeous men…I mean details… details.

To see everything in action, I’d love to suggest watching this video by Mr.Porter (one of my favorite youtube channels):

(Please raise those hands if you watched this more than 2 times in a row…)
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